Community and Government Relations

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The Nevada Legislature's proposed and enacted legislation have increasingly broad and far-reaching impacts; respected and competent representation at the Nevada State Legislature has become critical to the future success of many private and public entities. Likewise, government representation has become a specialty requiring experience, knowledge, tested ability, well-developed personal contacts, and a solid reputation. Capitol Partners has achieved its status as a premier government relations firm through its use of a team approach to client representation. Team members are kept current on the status of client legislation and, at critical junctures, join in an "all-out" lobbying effort. This team approach enables us to lobby whole committees and the entire membership of the legislature in the critical hours or minutes while legislation is considered. As a complement to its lobbying efforts, Capitol Partners has developed a detailed legislative monitoring system. Our bill tracking and committee monitoring services are labor intensive, but produce timely and accurate information for client decision-making. Regular reports on the progress of legislation of interest and client initiatives assure ongoing client involvement and informed analysis throughout the legislative process.
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